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Short Term Rental Inspection

Inspector Specifications

1. The dwelling unit is provided with a building or unit address number

– Must be on the front of the building

– Letters must be a minimum of 4 inches tall

2. All sleeping rooms used for short-term rental are provided with one operable window or door in addition to entry.

– Window must open

– Windows should be generally low enough for children to access

3. Every sleeping room and outside each separate sleeping area in immediate vicinity of the bedroom have a functional smoke alarm. Every floor has a functional carbon monoxide alarm and smoke alarm.

General vicinity is within a maximum of 8 feet of each enclosed room, including bedrooms/offices

4. GFCI protection for receptacles in kitchens, bathrooms, garages, laundry area, exterior and all other (Initial) areas included in the STR rental accommodations comply with CEC 210.8(A).

– This should include all outlets within these rooms/areas

5. Water heater is properly strapped, adequately vented, and temperature and pressure relief valves are drained outside. 

– Strapping should be 1/3rd from the bottom and 1/3rd from the top of the tank if under 75 gallons (Two straps total)

– Tank should not move and/or have spacing behind the unit. If pacing is present or the unit is unstable, blocking should be installed to secure the unit (2x4s are acceptable)

– Three straps are required on tanks 75 gallons or more and should be evenly spaced

– Pressure relief valve should drain to the exterior or to within 6 inches of the ground if located within the garage or exterior

6. Other heating equipment is in safe operating condition and placed in an approved location.

– All gas furnaces should be in a passively vented area or enclosure

– Covers should be installed and secured

– There should be no exposed electrical present on the exterior of the unit

– The vent flue/duct should be at a proper angle to allow gas venting

7. The property does not contain hazardous conditions related to stairs, guardrails, decks, balconies, electrical panels, swimming pools and spas.

– Guard rails should support 250lbs

– No visibly exposed electrical connections

– Decks should be properly installed and permitted

8. There is an operable (minimum 2A:10B:C) fire extinguisher either mounted on a wall or placed in a

cabinet or closet marked “Extinguisher Inside”.

9. Any existing fire sprinkler, fire alarm, or other fire systems within the unit are free from

obstructions, corrosion, paint, and other visible damage. 

10. A posted evacuation plan for the rental showing emergency exit routes, exits, maximum occupant

 load, and fire extinguisher locations.

The printed plan should be laminated or in a frame.

-The plan should be permanently attached/secured; tape does not qualify

Note: All items should be completed prior to arrival.  If not completed, a reinspection will need to be scheduled for another date when Items are completed.

You may download this copy as well.