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If you suspect you have mold in your home, it’s important that you have Personalized Home Inspections conduct an Inspection to get a professional answer. People tend to believe that mold is easy to spot however, in some cases mold can be found in places like ceilings and walls or can be detected due to its musty odor, many times it is not visible to the eye.

Often, mold can be found underneath sink or bathtubs, baseboards, behind walls and it can produce an unpleasant and unhealthy odor. It can even be found inside heating and cooling system ducts. A professional inspection or test is the best way to determine if your home has mold.

After conducting a thorough visual observation and inspection, we will determine if additional analytical sampling is necessary for your home or business. Samples may be taken to determine the amount and types of mold that are present.

If analytical sampling is recommended or requested, we will take air, surface, and/or bulk samples following industry best practices. Samples will then be sent, under “chain of custody” procedures, to an accredited laboratory for scientific analysis.

Laboratory analysis reports will be reviewed by our Mold Assessment Consultants to determine if mold remediation is required. Should remediation be required, we will prepare a Mold Remediation Protocol, which specifies the estimated quantities and location of materials to be remediated, methods to be used, and clearance criteria that must be met.

Mold Inspection Services

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