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Have you fallen in love with an older property that’s in great shape? Many homes and buildings certainly have a lot of character. However, many come with problems that may be hidden to your eyes. Older homes could mean older plumbing issues are present. A deeper look into the sewer lines can save you from back ups and unexpected costs in the future.

A sewer scope is performed with the help of an advanced plumbing camera. This can give you a full picture of your sewer lines and rule out any invasive tree roots, damage, breaks, and blockages. Doing this can provide you with all the information that helps avoid unexpected maintenance costs in the future. Having a sewer line inspection is a proactive approach and a good investment for a new homeowner to understand the condition of the underground sewer lines.

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Sewer Line Inspection

When you can't get to the bottom of your plumbing or sewer line issue, Personalized Home Inspections has the equipment to get the job done right. Call today to schedule an appointment!

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